( Volunteer Role )

Lesson Plan Hackathon


Are you committed to making a difference in the education space? Are you looking for ways to impact the lives of children in low-income communities across Nigeria? If yes, then this opportunity is for you.

We want experienced teachers who are passionate about designing an interactive lesson plan infused with locally made teaching aids, games, songs, dance, technology e.t.c, that can help bridge the education gap, lost years and poor learning experience for underserved kids, with a goal to accelerate their learning and prepare them for the 21st century world where they are able to compete favorably globally. It is necessary that the lesson plans be contextualised to ensure the relevance of knowledge gained in the program. The selected volunteer lesson plan creators will utilize Slum2school’s Cluster Learning Program scheme of work to create the lesson plans.

The Cluster Learning Program is an accelerated learning program designed as a medium-to-long term approach to facilitate access to primary education for predominantly disadvantaged children (aged 4-12) who have missed out on schooling or had their education interrupted due to sudden or slow onset disaster, poverty, or armed-conflict. This intervention involves collaborative learning in community-based learning clusters and independent learning within households supported by family members.