Volunteer Policy

Volunteer Consent and Authorization Policy


Before being on-boarded, volunteers agree to this volunteer authorization and consent policy.


By submitting the volunteer on-boarding form, I acknowledge that I agree with this policy and accept to volunteer at Slum2School Africa, a volunteer-driven, non-profit organization whose goal is to advance the education of underserved children in Africa.


I understand that I am doing this on my own time and without any promise or expectation of payment unless officially hired as a full-time employee. I agree that I will carry out any activity of my own volition, and I am not under any pressure to serve as a volunteer.


I certify that I am able to participate in the programs I choose, with or without accommodations, and that I can use the necessary equipment and/or supplies I choose to use.


I am aware that, in participating in any volunteer activities and commuting to and from communities, cities, and/or countries, I do so at my own will and that I may be exposed to personal injury and damage to my property as a result of my activities, the activities of other people, or the conditions under which my volunteer services are performed.

As a volunteer I am aware that I do not have the mandate to represent, develop or create any project, program, campaign, or outreach under the name or brand of Slum2School Africa in any community, be it locally or internationally, without receiving prior written consent or authorization from the management of Slum2School Africa.


With full knowledge and understanding, I accept any and all risks of damage, injury, illness, or death, and I release and discharge Slum2School Africa, its officers, volunteers, directors, and employees from any claims for damage or injury and all liability resulting from my participation.


I understand that Slum2School Africa does not provide medical insurance for volunteer participants, and I agree to pay any medical bills resulting from my medical care. I am aware that this is a release of liability, and I freely and voluntarily accept the terms.



I certify that I am at least eighteen (18) years old or have had this onboarding form completed by my parent or guardian.



I further state that I am in proper condition for participating in volunteer activities, and I would communicate with Slum2School in writing if that were to change at any point.


As a volunteer, I would be expected to participate in in-person or online activities that support Slum2School’s mission. Slum2School Africa’s media team may take photos or videos at these events to document, inform, or promote them. In addition, I agree that Slum2School Africa and its partners and representatives can use any interview, photo, audio recording, or video recording, as well as their release, publication, exhibition, or copying, for news, webcasts, promotions, telecasts, advertising, inclusion on websites, social media, or any other reason.


I release Slum2School Africa, its officers and employees, and everyone else involved from any liability related to taking, recording, digitizing, publishing, or using interviews, photographs, computer images, video, and/or sound recordings. As a volunteer, I give up any rights to royalties I might have for any use, exhibition, streaming, webcasting, televising, or other publication of these materials, no matter what the purpose or sponsor of such use, exhibition, broadcasting, webcasting, or other publication is, or if there is a fee for admission or sponsorship.


I agree that I have never been arrested or convicted of a crime that caused serious damage to property or serious harm to another person or institution. I have never been arrested or found guilty of a sexual crime, and I have never broken a law by having, using, or selling illegal drugs.


Aside from the written statement above, no oral or written promises, statements, or promises to help have been made.


I agree to abide by the rules established by Slum2School Africa, including its volunteer policy, child rights and protection policies, as well as health and safety requirements. I have a clear understanding of this authorization policy, and I am ready to submit my volunteer onboarding form.




For: Slum2School Africa


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