Slum2school’s Efforts in Response to the Pandemic

Slum2school’s Efforts in Response to the Pandemic

Countries are coming to terms with the Covid-19 pandemic; nations are stretching health systems, providing relief services, managing economic instabilities, and coping with the closure of educational institutions. 

Currently, there are no specific vaccines or treatments for this disease, it is advised to be well informed about this novel virus, the disease it causes, and how it spreads. This is the best way to prevent and slow down transmission. (Source: WHO)

No sector of the world’s population is unaffected, as this is not just a health crisis, it is a social and economic crisis as well. This pandemic may increase inequality, exclusion, discrimination, and global unemployment if not properly addressed. 

At Slum2School, we are working to ensure the safety and well-being of our beneficiaries, volunteers, and communities. 

We are working with our teachers, parents, service providers, sponsors, and partners to keep our children engaged and provide the support they need in this crisis.

Our areas of focus are:


We are creating interventions using our platforms in the various communities where our beneficiaries live in, to teach them about this virus, the diseases, it causes, and how to prevent its spread. From testing potential carriers to providing healthcare services and finally, to the dissemination of credible information about this disease through various channels, we are ensuring that people stay informed and healthy in this period.


We are also committed to providing solutions for people in slums and hard-to-reach communities. People living in poor conditions are the groups most affected by the severity of this pandemic, with contributing factors such as inadequate food and portable water supply, poor hygiene and sanitation, inadequate healthcare facilities.

We are working in partnership with corporate organisations to provide relief materials to vulnerable families in these communities and also provide support against violence and abuse towards women and children; with the government and our partner organizations including EatNGo (Domino’s Pizza, Coldstone Creamery, Pinkberry Yoghurt), Citizens4Citizens, Dettol, Grace Courts, Project Ark, Bode Pedro, Aurelia’s Baskets, Honeywell and many others. 


According to UNESCO, more than 1.5 billion learners are confined to their homes with the disruption of the traditional methods of learning. The focus has shifted to adopting alternative learning solutions. We are ensuring that our children continue to remain engaged in learning, even at a distance. 

By sponsoring virtual learning for beneficiaries across underserved communities, promotion of advocacy programs across media stations, aiding teachers in implementing online learning, working with parents and guardians in monitoring learning outcomes, and prioritizing health education, we are committed to intensifying our efforts in ensuring learning continues even during this period. 

Our interventions are safe, urgent, necessary, fun, and carried out under-regulated guidelines using personal protective equipment. 

We are working with relevant authorizations, the government, and partners in research to ensure the impact of this crisis on the rights and wellbeing of our children are fully understood and taken into account for further advocacy, policy recommendations, and recommendations for future outbreaks and emergencies.

These are unprecedented times; all that we are and know are being tested. Our societies have been shaken to their very core, thousands and more thousands of lives are affected daily directly and indirectly. 

We must come together in human solidarity, step up for the vulnerable in our immediate communities. We must do all we can to ensure underserved communities and the people living in them get the support they need to get through these tough times.

Whether through working remotely or in the frontlines, our volunteers and partners are executing these interventions, keeping our staff, volunteers, children, families, and communities safe, supported and informed.

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Stay safe, stay healthy and don’t forget to spread the love as much as you can

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