Job Introduction

Slum2School Africa seeks a Stakeholder and Corporate Partnership Manager with proven experience in identifying, building, and maintaining strong external relationships with local and international partners.

Working to achieve the organization’s long-term fundraising goals through strategic partnerships, external relations management, brand positioning, implementing and sustaining effective financial and partnership growth strategy/models.

The Stakeholder and Corporate Partnership Manager will have passion and enthusiasm for Slum2School Africa’s mission, and an unwavering commitment to making Slum2School Africa a high-performing Pan-African Development organization while serving as the focal point between external stakeholders and the organization.

Core Responsibilities

The Stakeholder and Corporate Partnership Manager will:

  • Build and cultivate a high-performing partnership team and play an active role in attracting, and retaining the right corporate partners.
  • Formalize and launch a corporate annual giving program.
  • Proactive development of new high-value opportunities that adequately meet fundraising goals.
  • Oversee, design, update and implement fundraising strategies to engage industry partners and provide unrestricted funding for Slum2School Africa growth plan.
  • Develop and implement an external communication strategy.
    Work proactively to drive innovation, including the adaptation and introduction of successful media formats and platforms in new territories, to reach new audiences.
  • Develop and maintain key contacts and ensure that the organization is abreast of trends and changes in development as it relates to partnerships and relevant themes.
  • Work with the Head of Operations to identify opportunities for organizational growth and in the refinement of a set of management metrics to predict outcomes.
  • Liaise with the Head of Finance in the development of sustainable financial management and reporting strategies.
  • Oversee together with the legal team, the development, and management of contracts/agreements with partners and stakeholders.
  • Research and leverage high-value business development and partnership opportunities.



The successful candidate will have the following minimum qualifications:

  • MBA or relevant graduate degree in Management, Communications, or a related field.
  • 5 years of experience in a related mid or senior-level management role.
  • Proven record of fundraising experience in a for-profit or nonprofit organization.
  • Proven record of leadership skills at a mid or senior organizational level.



  • Exceptional strategic planning abilities, attention to detail, and delivery.
  • Excellent communications skills, oral and written, including the ability to develop relevant pitch decks.
  • Risk-based decision-making towards value-added results.
  • Self-starter who takes initiative using sound and independent judgment, who seeks guidance when and where appropriate – a doer as well as a manager.
  • Strong analytical and problem-solving skills; highly organized with concern for detail and a commitment to rigor.
  • Familiarity with state-of-the-art organizational development tools.
  • Strong relationship, business, and project management skills.
  • Excellent verbal, written, analytical, and interpersonal skills.
  • Strong time management skills and the ability to manage teams, departments, and projects simultaneously.
  • Professionalism, empathy, and the ability to work as part of a team, maintain a sense of humor, and interact with a diverse array of people from all walks of life.

Reporting Relationships

The Stakeholder and Corporate Partnership Manager will report to the Head of Operations.


About Slum2School Africa

We are a volunteer-driven development organization that has taken the lead in transforming the lives of children and youths across underserved communities on the African continent through the provision of various educational development programs, state of the art learning facilities, infusion of 21st-century technology and vocational development, as well as educational scholarships into primary schools, secondary schools, and universities.

In 9 years, global impact has been realized through our core strategic scholarship and support programs.
The members of our team possess a range of skills, interests, and expertise that enable them to take responsibility for aggressive personal and organizational growth, the conceptualization, development, and implementation of new and emerging programs, identification and securing of diverse funding sources,  and the recruitment, welfare, and retention of top-tier professionals who align with our vision and mission. 

They have a firm belief and commitment to our vision and are key to scaling our projects and programs to new territories while building efficient sustainable systems and we welcome you to join our team.


Job Type
Full Time Employment
Opportunity Closing Date
Friday, November 26, 2021.
Lagos, Nigeria



Job Type
Full Time Employment
Opportunity Closing Date
Friday, November 26, 2021.
Lagos, Nigeria


Job Type
Full Time Employment
Opportunity Closing Date
Friday, November 26, 2021.
Lagos, Nigeria