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  • Title: Education and Innovation Manager

  • Location: Lekki, Lagos

  • Work Type: Hybrid

  • Reports To: Head of Programs

The Education and Innovation Manager plays a crucial part in leading and overseeing the organization’s education and innovation programs, ensuring high-quality educational initiatives and fostering innovative approaches to address the needs of underserved communities. The individual will oversee the planning, development, implementation, and evaluation of educational programs in Slum2School Africa and will work closely with the teachers and other staff members to develop and implement high-quality educational programs that meet the needs of children.

The ideal candidate is a high-energy, proactive go-getter who loves the challenge and is comfortable working in a multi-cultural corporate environment and leading education and innovation development processes across distributed teams.


  • As the Education and Innovation Manager, you will be responsible for driving educational excellence, promoting educational equity, developing strategic partnerships, and implementing innovative solutions to enhance learning outcomes for children living in slums.
  • Proactively build, attract, and maintain partnerships to secure crucial resources and provide unwavering support for learners’ growth and development.
  • Develop comprehensive education plans, strategies, and goals aligned with Slum2School’s mission and objectives.
  • Design and implement effective educational programs that cater to the needs of slum-dwelling children.
  • Ensure compliance with relevant educational standards, policies, and guidelines.
  • Manage program budgets, resources, and timelines to achieve program objectives.
  • Lead the development and enhancement of educational curricula tailored to the specific needs of slum communities.
  • Collaborate with educators and curriculum specialists to create engaging and culturally relevant learning materials.
  • Ensure alignment with national or regional educational standards and facilitate curriculum adaptations as needed.
  • Foster the use of innovative teaching methodologies and educational technologies to enhance learning outcomes.
  • Provide guidance, mentorship, and professional development opportunities to enhance team members’ skills and capabilities.
  • Foster a collaborative and inclusive work environment that promotes professional growth and a shared vision for educational excellence.
  • Conduct regular performance evaluations, provide constructive feedback, and implement strategies for staff retention and development.
  • Collaborate with parents, community leaders, government agencies, and other stakeholders to promote community involvement and support for educational initiatives.
  • Fosters a culture of innovation and creativity within the organization, exploring new approaches, technologies, and partnerships to address educational challenges and improve access to quality education for underserved communities.
  • Establish and maintain partnerships with educational institutions, NGOs, and relevant organizations to leverage resources and expertise.
  • Regularly review program performance, identify areas for improvement, and implement necessary adjustments.
  • Collaborate with cross-functional teams to identify programmatic needs and co-create solutions to enhance learning outcomes.
  • Provide training and capacity-building support to staff members, educators, and program teams on innovative approaches and technologies.
  • Collaborate with the fundraising team to integrate innovation initiatives into grant applications and donor engagement strategies.
  • Raise learners that will represent Slum2School in conferences, seminars, and industry events, showcasing innovative practices and thought leadership.
  • Create, organize and deliver compelling stories from learners and beneficiaries.
  • Organize community events, workshops, and awareness campaigns to promote educational opportunities and parental involvement.



  • Managing the day-to-day activities of the team.
  • Motivating the team to achieve organizational goals.
  • Developing and implementing a timeline to achieve targets.
  • Delegating tasks to team members and measuring and reporting performance.
  • Conducting training for team members to maximize their potential.
  • Identifying and empowering team members with skills to improve their confidence, product knowledge, and communication skills.
  • Conducting quarterly performance reviews.
  • Contributing to the growth of the company through a successful team.
  • Creating a pleasant working environment that inspires the team.
  • Ensure the growth of the team as well as the efficient and timely onboarding and offboarding of team members.



  • Bachelor’s degree in Education, Social Sciences, or in a related field is required. A higher degree such as a Master’s in Education or a relevant specialization is an added advantage.
  • 5 years+ of professional experience driving educational and innovation initiatives at a managerial or supervisory level.
  • Specialization in areas such as Early Childhood Education, Education Management, Curriculum Development, or additional training and certifications related to education management, leadership, curriculum development, or community engagement is a plus.
  • Membership of recognized professional education body (TRCN) is an added advantage.
  • Proven experience in designing and implementing educational programs, curriculum development, and instructional design.
  • Proficiency in monitoring and evaluating educational programs to measure effectiveness, impact, and learning outcomes.
  • Proven track record of engaging with local communities, understanding their needs, and fostering partnerships to address educational challenges in underserved areas.



  • Possess a strong knowledge of education principles, pedagogical practices, and curriculum development.
  • Strong understanding of educational challenges in underserved communities and familiarity with innovative solutions.
  • Proven experience in developing and implementing innovative educational programs or initiatives.
  • Proficiency in the use of data and insights to inform decision-making, refine programs, and drive continuous improvement.
  • Competence in designing and implementing monitoring and evaluation frameworks to measure program effectiveness and impact.
  • Ability to work in a fast-paced environment, handle multiple projects simultaneously, and meet deadlines.
  • Self-starter who takes initiative, uses sound, independent judgment, and discretion, and seeks guidance and feedback where appropriate – a doer as well as a manager.
  • Strong analytical and problem-solving skills; highly organized with concern for detail and a commitment to rigor.
  • Competence in program planning, monitoring, and evaluation to ensure program effectiveness and impact.
  • Competence in managing educational resources, including budgeting, procurement, and utilization of materials and equipment
  • Strong time management skills and the ability to manage teams, departments, and projects simultaneously.
  • Professionalism, empathy, and the ability to work as part of a team, maintain a sense of humor, and interact with a diverse array of people from all walks of life.
  • Strong relationship, communication, and project management skills.



  • % increase in learners’ engagement and learning outcomes through the implementation of innovative teaching methods and tools.
  • Number of innovative education programs tailored to the needs of children in underserved communities.
  • % regular assessments conducted to measure the effectiveness of innovative programs on student learning and development.
  • Level of collaboration with stakeholders to drive participation.
  • % of compelling stories developed and published.
  • Statistics of student well-being indicators, such as attendance rates, behavior, and overall satisfaction.
  • Level of maintenance of high-quality education centers, ensuring a safe, conducive, and child-friendly learning environment.
  • % of learners enrolled and active vs those that dropped after a certain time.