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Early Childhood Development Centre

The ECDC is designed to serve about 600-1000 children weekly. It has four different learning spaces and over 120 learning tools including an interactive smart board, a functional e-library, and creative tools. The center is very critical in helping Slum2school beneficiaries reach their full potentials, as it encourages thinking outside the box as they engage and learn within the facility.

Computer Lab

Computer education and application are great assets to a child especially in the 21st century. A child who has access to a computer with the right learning tools will learn faster and will be more excited about learning. A Computer device with internet access is one of the most powerful tools students can use to learn new skills, advance current lessons, access the world and compete favorably with their peers globally. The facility is now being used by 18 primary schools across the mainland education district.

STEM And Innovation Lab

The STEM and Innovation Lab was designed to help the kids learn how to develop programs, build mobile applications, websites, learn about robotics, big data, coding, animations and explore the world of technology, science, and artificial intelligence.

Enterprise Development Centre

Created for our community volunteers to acquire basic skills to enhance their knowledge and choices in life. The program included different phases with various skills and a total number of 35 community-based volunteers have been trained in one or more skills. The first phase of the skill acquisition program did not just empower our community volunteers but also enabled some of them to generate the required resources, start small businesses to continue their education and equally help their families and communities. Some of the skills involved;

Bead Making
Soap Making
Shoe Making
Bags making and designs
Business Startup and management
Financial management
Provision of Startup Capital and monitoring.