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Project Overview:

We are seeking qualified specialist contractors to undertake the reconstruction of
a football pitch at Makoko, Yaba Lagos, Nigeria. The project involves the execution of a high-quality
pitch with concrete sub-base and turf finish.
Project Details:
Project Location: Adekunle Primary School, Makoko Yaba Lagos.

Project Scope:

The reconstruction of the football pitch should include;
● Installation of proper Drainage network within the pitch to prevent water accumulation
● Stabilization & Construction of the concrete sub-base
● Installation of damp-proof membrane to prevent rising water (a water-logged area)
● Installation of green turf on a surface area of approximately 980sqm.
● Lasting White-Lining on the pitch
● Repair of perimeter poles, gates, advert banners and goal posts
● Painting of the perimeter poles, gates, advert pole and goal posts
● Replacement of perimeter nettings (only the lower part of the perimeter nets should be
replaced while the upper part should be made good)
● Water flooding solutions for the walkway outside the pitch
● Painting and roofing of the spectator stands
● Adequate lighting systems for optimal visibility during evening events.
Project Timeline: Start Date – 2nd of October Completion Date – 10th of November

Contractor Requirements:

● Valid contractor’s license and necessary permits.
● Proven experience in constructing similar football pitch projects.
● A track record of delivering projects on time and within budget.
● Ability to manage all aspects of the project, from planning to execution.
● Access to necessary equipment and resources.
● Meeting material specifications for approval from the client.
● A visit to the proposed site
Project Management:
● Coordinating all project activities.
● Ensuring compliance with local regulations and safety standards.
Submission Requirements:
Interested contractors are requested to submit the following:
● Company profile and relevant experience.
● Previous project references.
● Proposed project timeline.
● Detailed cost estimate, including materials, labor, and any additional expenses.

Selection Process:

Contractors will be evaluated based on their experience, proposed approach,
timeline, and cost estimate. Shortlisted candidates may be invited for interviews or presentations.
Submission Deadline: All submissions must be received by Sunday 10th of September at 11:59 AM.
Contact Information: For inquiries and submission of proposals, please contact:
Mary Omange
[email protected]