Slum2school commissions its enterprise development centre

Slum2school commissions its enterprise development centre

Slum2School Africa has undertaken several projects in the past in line with its vision to ensure that every child irrespective of their background is given the best quality of education. Apart from providing scholarships and series of support to over 32,000 children, over the past years some learning centers which had been built includes several Early childhood development centers, school clinics, computer labs, STEM and Innovation Labs, e-library, etc and thousands of partners, volunteers and mentors support the children with various learning tools across these learning spaces.

In one of Slum2School’s adopted schools within the Makoko community which is being developed to become a model public primary school both in the quality of education and infrastructure, on the 27th of October, 2018, Slum2School launched its Enterprise Development Centre (EDC) where over 1000 children and youth between the ages of 9 years and 24 years will learn how to set up small businesses and also learn skills to become professionals.

As a principle, Slum2School believes that a wholesome education involves training the head, the heart and the hands, as education is not just about academics. A child has to have a wide repertoire of skills and the confidence and enabling environment to fulfil their potentials.

The organization also understands the importance of skills acquisition as a means of poverty alleviation and revenue generation. Preparing the children intellectually and technically to face the challenge of 21st century therefore becomes the driving factor behind the establishment of the Enterprise Development Centre.

The Enterprise Development Centre is a learning centre where children and youth can learn relevant skills like fashion design, tailoring, bead making, cooking, catering, shoe and bag making etc.

Speaking at the commissioning, the founder of Slum2Shcool, Mr. Orondaam Otto mentioned that the project was funded by Slum2School volunteers and it will be managed by well trained staff. The centre is a facility containing different sections and machinery. It consists of sewing machines, kitchen equipment, shoe making tools, bead and bag making machines, hair dressing and make up kits e.t.c

Slum2School believes that this will go a long way to improve their mental abilities and teach them the requisite skills required for future relevance in life.

2019 is one to look forward to as Slum2School plans to scale into several new communities and states across Nigeria and Africa and volunteers and partners are welcome to be part of this impact.

To contact us at Slum2School kindly visit our website or send an email to or connect via any of your favorite social media platforms using @Slum2School.

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