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At Slum2School and achieve an impactful career with us.


Join us as the Finance & Accounting Manager at Slum2School Africa and take the reins of financial stewardship for a cause that’s transforming lives.

In this pivotal role, you’ll be at the heart of our mission, ensuring that every resource is optimized to bring quality education to underserved communities. Your expertise will guide the financial strategies that will make our mission sustainable and scalable, enabling us to reach even more children across Africa.

As the Finance & Accounting Manager, you’ll have the opportunity to not just manage finances but also shape the financial future of a transformative organization. Your role will involve strategic financial planning, risk management, and securing diverse funding sources. With your skills, we’ll ensure that every child’s educational dream becomes a reality. If you’re ready to lead finance for a cause that’s redefining education, join us in this journey of making a lasting impact.



The Content and Storytelling Manager is the convener of hope, change, and transformation at Slum2School. We’re on a mission to bridge the gap in education for children in underserved communities, and we need a storyteller who can turn this vision into compelling narratives that inspire action.

In this pivotal role, you’ll weave our impact, mission, and activities into captivating stories that touch the hearts of our supporters, partners, and the global community. From written articles to social media posts, videos, and more, your words and creativity will be the bridge between our work and those who believe in our cause.

We’re searching for an energetic, forward-thinking individual, a true go-getter, who thrives in a multicultural environment. You’ll collaborate with teams around the world, capturing their stories, experiences, and our progress. Your stories will resonate with people, encouraging them to join our mission.

If you’re ready to lead the charge in content creation, strategy, and impact assessment, if you have the storytelling spark, we want you to be a vital part of our team. Together, we’ll change lives, one story at a time.



Are you passionate about revolutionizing education and fostering innovation? At Slum2School, we’re searching for a dedicated Education & Innovation Manager to lead the charge.

In this role, you’ll spearhead pioneering programs aimed at empowering underserved communities, nurturing young minds, and illuminating the path to a brighter future. Join us, and together, we’ll co-create the next generation of innovators, leaders, and dreamers.

As the Education & Innovation Manager, your mission is to craft visionary initiatives that harness technology, inspire curiosity, and reshape the educational landscape. By joining Slum2School, you’re not just taking on a role; you’re becoming part of a movement dedicated to redefining education and bringing lasting change to marginalized communities. Together, we’ll shape a better tomorrow, where every child has the opportunity to thrive and realize their full potential. Join us today and be the driving force behind this transformative journey.



Slum2School Africa seeks a highly qualified chief of staff to work closely with its executive leadership and management executive team. From day one, the chief of staff will have an immediate impact on productivity, streamlining strategic initiatives, overseeing program management, and communicating objectives between departments. The ideal candidate will have proven experience in a business management role, with a special focus on executive-level advising and interdepartmental collaboration.

Location: Lagos, Nigeria.

Interviews on a rolling basis



Are you a dynamic, passionate individual with a flair for education? Slum2School is searching for a committed Teacher to play a pivotal role in transforming lives through education. As a Teacher at Slum2School, you won’t just educate; you’ll inspire, guide, and nurture learners to unlock their full academic potential.

Our team of teachers hold a central position in shaping young minds and paving the way for a brighter future. They embrace a teaching environment that encourages creativity, employing diverse methods from storytelling to educational play and media. They go beyond textbooks—help learners develop artistic, practical, and social competencies through a carefully crafted curriculum. You are joining a community of passionate educators, to collaborate with stakeholders, and to participate in regular meetings to enhance your professional growth.

If you are an enthusiastic educator seeking a platform to make a lasting impact, Slum2School is the place for you! Join us in unlocking the potential of every learner, creating a brighter tomorrow. Apply Now to Shape Futures!



Slum2School is focused around advocacy, community interventions, policy formulation, and youth engagement. As a volunteer-driven organization, we work with thousands of volunteers across slums, hard to reach villages and underserved communities where we engage the community to find the best sustainable solution to provide education for children and young people. We build new learning centres, collaborate with community schools to improve education quality and work in partnership with the government to improve the public schools if they exist in these communities.