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Slum2School Africa seeks a highly qualified chief of staff to work closely with its executive leadership and management executive team. From day one, the chief of staff will have an immediate impact on productivity, streamlining strategic initiatives, overseeing program management, and communicating objectives between departments. The ideal candidate will have proven experience in a business management role, with a special focus on executive-level advising and interdepartmental collaboration.

Location: Lagos, Nigeria.

Interviews on a rolling basis


Slum2School Africa seeks a passionate and dedicated professional to fill in the role of the Media and Communications Manager.

The Communications Manager is responsible for planning, implementing, managing, and monitoring Slum2School’s media and communications/content marketing strategy geared towards increasing brand awareness, local and global positioning of the Slum2School brand through authentic storytelling, meeting the necessary fundraising targets through tailored media marketing campaigns and relevant conversions in other Slum2School campaigns.

The Communication Manager is responsible for creative storytelling and design campaigns, establishing effective communication channels with all departmental/project managers to stay abreast of happenings within the organization for necessary concept development and strategy implementation.


Slum2School seeks a Grants and Fundraising Manager who will work with the External Relations, Fundraising, and Partnerships department as well as other departments to conceptualize, attract, engage and sustain high-level relationships between Slum2School Africa and individual donors and to secure unrestricted and program-focused grants.

The Grants and Fundraising Manager will have passion and enthusiasm for Slum2School Africa’s mission, and an unwavering commitment to making Slum2School Africa a high-performing Pan-African Development organization by enhancing funding models, identifying new sources of funding, and developing sustainable and effective grants programs. He/She is expected to be a stellar communicator, exceptional fundraiser, great presenter, and has an exceptional ability to build confidence and gain the respect of individuals at all levels.


Slum2School seeks a highly motivated and experienced Campaign Coordinator to lead a global fundraising campaign for Slum2School Africa 10 year vision. As the Campaign Coordinator, you will be responsible for planning, executing, and coordinating all aspects of the campaign, including donor acquisition strategies, fundraising events, digital campaigns, a global campaign for education, and donor stewardship. Your exceptional project management skills, strategic thinking, and strong communication abilities will be key to achieving campaign targets and making a lasting impact on our organization’s mission.

The Campaign Coordinator will have passion and enthusiasm for Slum2School Africa’s mission, and an unwavering commitment to making Slum2School Africa a high-performing Pan-African Development organization. S/He is expected to be a stellar communicator, an exceptional fundraiser, a great presenter, and have an exceptional ability to build confidence and gain the respect of individuals at all levels.


Slum2School Africa is seeking dedicated and dynamic Project Facilitators to support the implementation of a road safety awareness campaign in primary and secondary schools across Nigeria. As a Project Facilitator, you will work closely with the Project Coordinator and be responsible for executing project activities, conducting school visits, delivering presentations, facilitating workshops, and engaging with students, teachers, school representatives, and relevant stakeholders to promote road safety education. Your role will be crucial in creating awareness and fostering behaviour change among the target audience.

The VIA Creative poster competition is a global education project designed to give young people a voice on “road safety, awareness, and commitment”. The goal is to contribute to education in road safety, support youths in creating awareness on road safety within their communities, and make them ambassadors committed to spreading road safety practices. This project will impact the lives of 20,000 youths within the age range of 10 to 16 years across 100 schools in Lagos, Abuja and Rivers State.


Slum2School is focused around advocacy, community interventions, policy formulation, and youth engagement. As a volunteer-driven organization, we work with thousands of volunteers across slums, hard to reach villages and underserved communities where we engage the community to find the best sustainable solution to provide education for children and young people. We build new learning centres, collaborate with community schools to improve education quality and work in partnership with the government to improve the public schools if they exist in these communities.


Imagine you are a part of the reason 10,000 deserving Nigerian Children across slums and remote communities can access the education they desperately need for a better future through technology.